Premiere. Performance "Aside" (chor. Niels Claes, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, LT/BE)

Authors of idea, choreographers, dancers: Niels Claes, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė
Sound designer: Andrius Stakelė
Costumes: One Wolf
Production: dance company „PADI DAPI Fish“ (artistic director: Agnija Šeiko)
Recommended: 12+


Duration: 45 min
Place: Culture Factory (Bangų str. 5A)

“Aside” is a creation about the struggles and complexity of the outcast minds. In our lives we are all trying to find ways how to fit in, not only in the society, but also to find peace within ourselves. The search for identity with a constant fear that you do not belong is an important element in a person's development. As an example to show the human's inner contemplation on identity and one's experiences with social circumstances, we took the transgender community. The biggest division in the human race are the frames of male and female, but what happens if you are aside?


Niels Claes (BE) graduated Fontys dance academy and in between 2010-2013 worked in the project Sally Maastricht, dansgroep Amsterdam and Polish Dance Theatre. He had the chance to work with various choreographers like Andonis Foniadakis and Jo Stromgren. For the “Atelier” festival of Polish Dance Theatre he created his first work “Maathai”. After he worked in various projects in Germany, Israel and the Netherlands (2013-2015). From 2015 until 2017 he worked in Lithuania for Kaunas Dance theatre “Aura” performing works by Birutė Letukaitė, Vilma Pitrinaitė and others. For the dance platform “On Aura’s Trampoline” he created his second performance “Thurst”.


Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė graduated choreography studies at Šiauliai Conservatory (Saulius Sondeckis art school). In 2013 she has received Bachelor‘s Degree in Dance Pedagogy and Choreography at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, and since then she has worked for Kaunas Dance theatre “Aura”. She danced choreographies by Samuel Mathieu, Pia Holden, Anne Ekenes, Paul Hess and others. She had toured and performed in different countries like Norway, USA, Italy and more. Since 2017 she started her personal carreer as freelancer, teacher and choreographer.



Photo: vzxphotography (Eglė Sabaliauskaitė)


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