Performance "…press release…" by Petras Lisauskas ir Saulius Petreikis

Idea and performance: Petras Lisauskas & Saulius Petreikis
Language: Lithuanian, music & body poetry: yours, mine & Kabir’s
Tools: projector, scissors & the winds

Duration: up to 9758 heart beats or ~ 45 min.
Place: Culture Factory (Bangų str. 5A)



“…this is a press release of press(sure) release, using overhead projector to project “head over” to open heart…when heart is beating rithms of yours, mine and Kabir’s poems”


Petras Lisauskas – charismatic, very exceptional improviser. Already during the years of studies, he actively participated in the Lithuanian contemporary dance world. During 12 years of activities, Petras has created over 40 roles in contemporary dance, theater, street performances, and created choreography for 10 performances also testing himself as drama director. One of the roles in movie acting was awarded with “Silver Crane” award, and all P. Lisauskas creative work has been awarded by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture “Young artist” prize in 2013.


Saulius Petreikis – one of the few people in Europe who has a unique collection of musical instruments from all over the world and is using them to create and perform his own music. While playing music he connects light-playfulness and deep sincerity, spontaneous expression, and inclination to a synthesis of different styles. S. Petreikis collaborates with different Lithuanian and foreign artists, not only musicians, but dancers, actors and also directors. He has created music for 7 performances, released 5 albums of his own music and has participated in recordings of more than 30 albums by other musicians.


Photo: Laura Vansevičienė


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