Contemporary dance seminar "Corporal Creativity" by Ugnė Dievaitytė (LT/ESP)

By: Ugnė Dievaitytė

Place: J. Gudavičius hall at Dance Department of Klaipeda University’s Art Academy (K. Donelaičio str. 4)

* Dance students, professionals, choreographers and more than 3 years of dance practice having amateurs are invited to take part at the seminar. Participation is free. Duration 3 days x 3 hours. Number of places is limited, so pre-booking is necessary via e-mail: padidapifish@gmail.com. Contact tel. no: +37065407925.



Perhaps one of the most important aspects of dance for me is that, when you dance, you feel ALIVE. While dancing, you feel like you are with yourself whatever you would do. Dance is the first-born, born before the word, temporary as this moment, as life itself, that‘s why it so easily connects us with ourselves, with others and with our own existence. I perceive the body as creative when it is able to be here and to react that very moment to what is happening, to what we notice, feel and perceive, to act as a response to it, most likely spontaneously and atypically; when vividness is shivering in it, when it is open to ignorance, game, ingenuity, throwing a white glove for all beliefs, such as needed / not needed, possible / not possible, good / bad, beautiful / ugly, how I know  and don‘t. It may be that this is just a solution, perhaps a process, or maybe a certain state from which a creative act is born. I think that body’s creativity is very much related to consciousness and ability to focus, but it's just as free to let it go. Thus, this will be the inner thread of our workshop.



Photo: Bon Bon, Jesus Anton & from U. Dievaitytė archyve. 


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