Art Printing House presents: Performance-concert "Lost Lessons" (dir. A. Špilevoj)

Author of a play and director:  Aleksandr Špilevoj
Music composition & performance: Colours of Bubbles
Acting: Greta Grinevičiūtė, Paulius Markevičius, Greta Petrovskytė, Aleksandr Špilevoj
Lights designer: Povilas Laurinaitis
Sound director: Darius Jurašius
Scenography & costumes: Rūta Lendraitytė Utalla
Coordinator: Gintarė Mikulėnienė

Duration: 100 min.
Place: Klaipeda State Music Theater (Danės str. 19)


Created within the program Open space'16 by Arts Printing House (curator Vaidas Jauniškis)
* performance has been nominated for Golden Stage Cross in category „Theater+“


“Lost Lessons” is a theater and music performance based on inspiring play written by Aleksandr Špilevoj. Combined with indie-rock music it makes a bright and beautiful music and theater synthesis. Four actors, five musicians and twelve musical-text compositions merge into one story, encouraging performers and the audience to start learning everything for the beginning. Learning things that we were somehow not taught at school – at the place that is supposed to prepare us for real life and teach the essential subjects that are much more important that trigonometry problem solving, sprinting or memorizing historic dates… Nevertheless, the characters of “Lost Lessons” do not blindly blame school and their teachers for everything. While being stuck in never-ending rush, ambitions, fears, self-acceptance and outdated beliefs, characters of this performance come back to the eighth grade, that reminds them how big of a gap they have in knowing themselves and the world.



“We invite the viewers to connect with us, with music, texts and themselves. We really wanted to create the performance, which would be interesting not only for experienced theater experts, but for those who go to theater very rarely as well. And I am sure, that we succeeded. Yes, this is the most real contemporary theater, but at the same time it is a real live concert. So we will not be teaching you- more like enjoying this musical happening together with you. And maybe that will wake up your desire to learn something more? Something that you haven’t learned until now?” – play writer and director Aleksandr Špilevoj


Photo: Dmitrij Matvejev


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